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Magnesium Oil 100ml

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magnesium oil restores cellular

magnesium levels through transdermal



New users - apply a few sprays to soles

of feet, hands / underarms. Do not apply

to freshly shaven skin.

Seasoned users - use approximately 20

sprays daily in your morning and evening

routine. For sensitive skin, the magnesium

oil can be diluted to a 50-50 solution

with water. Allow magnesium oil to absorb

for at least 20 minutes before washing off.

Magnesium Oil is an effectively treatment for symptoms such as:

1. Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, and sensitive skin in both children and adult.
2. Stress, joint pain, sore and tight muscles, and skin inflammation.
3. Oily skin, acne.

Magnesium Oil is used for:

1. Sports performance and workout recovery
2. Migraine Relief
3. Regulating diabetes
4. Regulating hypertension
5. Skin conditions as stated above.
6. Stress relief and general well-being
7. Sleep improvement

How to apply

Magnesium Oil should be applied regularly and consistently over a period of time it takes time to increase magnesium levels that is absorbed. Constantly monitor the effectiveness to ensure that the optimum dosage is used to achieve the best efficacy.


1. Sprayed Directly on the Skin. Spraying magnesium oil full strength directly on the skin is the most efficient and economical application, and also happens to offer the most benefits to the user.