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Essential Birth Kit

RM 119.00

Lavender Essential Oil- Lavender is a very versatile essential oil you can use all throughout your labor to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. It's great to use in massage during labor or fantastic in the diffuser for birth!

Frankincense Essential Oil- Frankincense is an amazing essential oil for labor. Use it to calm your emotions by inhaling the aroma. You can rub frankincense on your lower back or tummy to ease labor discomfort. Also, if you tear “down there” you can apply frankincense directly to the area to help with discomfort and to aid the skin in recovering more quickly.

Helichrysum Essential Oil- Helichrysum essential oil is great to use on your perineum during delivery to increase skin elasticity.  You can just use a small amount of helichrysum with a carrier oil and rub it on. This is great to use in combination with a ginger compress on your perineum.

Clary Sage Essential Oil- Clary Sage is a versatile essential oil for labor. It encourages more effective contractions, so you can put a few drops on your inner ankles to keep labor moving along normally. You can also try this as a natural way to encourage labor. That's not all... Clary Sage is also great for soothing labor discomfort.